The Occupational and Safety Training Institute (OSTI) is a 501(c)(3) corporation formed with the intent to train and educate safety professionals. In the last few years we have recognized the need to assist our displaced* veterans.  Therefore, we have developed a program to help our nation’s forgotten heroes. There are over 49,000 “temporary displaced” veterans in the United States in 2014.  Our mission is to transition these veterans and other screened individuals to self-sufficiency through housing and educational opportunities.  What we envision is not a typical “homeless assistance” program.  Our program will initially provide housing, clothing, food, education, and entertainment in a unique residential and commercial community.

Our Vision

Our vision is trifurcated. That is it’s a “three pronged” approach or “phases” if you prefer, at assisting “temporarily displace” individuals.  Each phase is specifically designed to put each enrolled individual on a positive path to future financial stability while enhancing their ability to become productive members and make positive contributions to their society / community; wherever they choose to reside and work.  Participants will have up to two years to complete the program.  We believe this provides our participants the training and experience to fulfill their dream of financial independence.

*We have chosen the phrase “Temporary Displaced” over “Homeless” believing that the phrase is more positive; whereas the phrase “Homeless” denotes and has the appearance of a negative image.

Veteran Program

Participants enter a business and/or vocational program as they work through their course. To build on their selected course, participants will work in their desired field of study within the community.

Our program is designed to be completed within 24 months with a minimum of 12 months. On average participants will have a minimum 1500 hours of education and experience upon completion.


The Occupational Safety Training Institute (OSTI) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and charitable contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift and estate taxes. Our federal tax identification number is 26-3879467 and our state registration identification is NV20081568011