With today’s economical downfall, we all have to make some sacrifices: however, we do not believe in sacrificing safety, so we are developing a cooperative plan to meet your safety training needs. Join our training cooperative and we will provide on going cost effective safety training for your employees. Send as many or as little employees to our training sessions as you wish. All our cooperative partners will benefit by pooling their resources into a centrally located facility. Together, we will have the latest equipment and “real life”, hands-on training. Classes include, hazmat, first aid, CPR, lockout/tagout, hearing conservation, confined space, forklift operator safety, and other OSHA related training topics.

Our Goal is Simple,

“Provide cost effective, professional occupational safety training to private businesses, municipalities, and other organizations regardless of size.”

While the cooperative will represent a wide scope of businesses, our common goal is safety on the job. The training cooperative is open to all interested parties who would like to participate in using the OSTI training center. Although safety can be regulated to some extent, we believe everyone should be proactively involved in the promotion of safe operating procedures on an individual and collective basis.

One of our major aims is to have our cooperatives partners be recognized as a symbol of quality and safety, whatever the nature of the business, and to achieve the safety Possible working Environments for all employees.

Our annual fees are based on the number of employees you have, not on a per person attendance. This will allow you to plan your safety-training budget and can save you considerable amount of money over the year.