Contract Safety Management

The Occupational Safety Training Institute (OSTI) will become part of your safety team and act as your Safety Advisor for all your OSHA health and safety concerns.

We focus on providing cost effective solutions for small to medium sized businesses. You choose the time allotted: 2 hours/month, 5 days/month, whatever fits your needs. You choose the days on-site, and the days off-site. For example: have OSTI conduct your Safety Committee Meeting on-site one day, have us develop a Hearing Conservation Program off-site another day, and then have us on-site again to conduct Hearing Conservation Training. What we do, is totally up to you. This is less expensive than hiring a full-time Safety Representative.

Site Safety Audits

The Occupational Safety Training Institute (OSTI) will conduct a comprehensive mock OSHA audit of your facility for any potential safety violations. A thorough inspection/audit can include everything from housekeeping, recordkeeping, training, program development and implementation and more.

OSTI will generate a full written report with all identified deficiencies including cited standards and recommendations for compliance. With this inspection/audit, OSTI will uncover the greater part of your OSHA concerns.

NOTE: Unforeseen variables can mask violations or potential violations at any time on any day. Therefore, OSTI cannot and does not guarantee that all existing OSHA violations are discovered during the audit process.

Industrial Hygiene Services

The Occupational Safety Training Institute (OSTI) is now offering cost effective ways to manage your facilities occupational environment. We have begun offering various industrial hygiene services to meet your needs. OSTI offers the following Industrial Hygiene services:

  • Sound/Noise Surveys
  • Noise Dosimetry
  • Air Sampling

We also can provide respirator fit testing.